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Battle For Miss San Antonio Heats Up

By Michael Jimenez

The League of United Latin American Citizens has filed an emergency lawsuit  in state district court on behalf of Domonique Ramirez, Miss San Antonio 2011.  The suit is an effort to block the Miss San Antonio organization from losing her title. The local story has gained national attention since the 17-year-old girl was accused of not living up to the rules, regulations and standards of the Miss San Antonio pageant.

Within hours of the of the lawsuit, the Miss San Antonio organization issued a news release on their website stating, “Former Miss San Antonio, Domonique Ramirez, has been replaced with the first runner-up, Ashley Dixon, who is now Miss San Antonio 2011.”  The San Antonio organization also stated that they have the approval of the Miss Texas organization.

The Miss San Antonio organization alleges that Miss Ramirez has been negligent in her duties as Miss San Antonio by showing up late and unprepared to events, or sometimes just not showing up at all.  The new release also alleges that she “shows up with her boyfriend holding her hand, which is a complete violation.”

Ramirez is also accused of gaining weight after she was told to lose weight for the Miss Texas pageant.  “They told me to lose 13 pounds.  Do I look like I need to lose 13 pounds? I think if I lost 13 pounds, I’d be anorexic,” Ramirez said.

LULAC is citing a breach of contract between the organization and Miss San Antonio, for failing to provide the teen with a full-time chaperone.  When Ramirez was crowned Miss San Antonio, she did not have a driver’s license and the rules prohibit parents from attending events.

In an interview with The Mesquite, Ramirez said the experience was frustrating.

“But you know I have to go through it, and I have to take legal matters.  You know it’s sad that two grown women would try and slander a 17-year-old, and try and break me, but I’m not being broken and it only makes me want to fight harder,” Ramirez said.

For now, she’s winning the battle to wear the tiara. A judge has ordered the Miss San Antonio organization to reinstate her title, and a trial has been set for Feb. 16, when the court will ultimately decide if the Miss San Antonio organization has merit for it’s claim against the teen.

Ramirez said she is not just suing for herself.

“It’s for the girls that are to come. No one should be treated this way,” she said.

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