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Game Room Power Rankings

Game Room Power Rankings, Week of November 13 thru November 26

Hey, y’all! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I know I did. I’m still trying to stay awake after ingesting more food last week than is recommended in a year. What could be more important than pigging out with your family and expressing gratitude for all of the good things that happened in the last year? This week’s Game Room Power Rankings are, of course!

New Rules: Week Six

This week only: There will be no penalty for losses. Like last week, wins against this week’s ranked opponents will be worth more. Here’s a breakdown of the scoring: 10 points for a win; 15 points for beating an opponent ranked last week between 10 through Six; 20 points for wins against players ranked between two and five and 30 points for beating the Pool Shark.

Unlike last week, there will be no point deduction for losing. Play as many games as you can, because history tells us the top ranked players play the most games.

Top 10: Week Five

10. Charles Jones (Last week: Three) – Charles has now made the list three consecutive weeks. He dropped six spots from last week, scoring zero points in three games. His one win came against a new-ish face to these rankings. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good win though, because we’ll be coming around to that person later in the rankings.

9. Ruben Garza (Last week: Five) – Ruben also makes this list for his third straight week. Last week, his one win was enough to put him in fifth place. I pointed out that he might do better in the rankings if he played more games. Well, I was wrong again. Ruben played twice as many games as last week, and it cost him five points and four spots in the rankings. Ruben won one and lost another.

Tied 7. Raymond McCumber (Last week: Four) – Raymond was perfect last week in his two games, so it could be predicted that he might show some statistical regression. What I didn’t expect was one win in five games. That is totally unlike what he has done all semester. He dropped three spots in the weekly rankings and the all-time rankings. Luckily, his one win came against last week’s Pool Shark, and it boosted him onto this list with 10 points. This is the fourth time in five weeks Raymond has made these rankings.

Tied 7. Amanda Rogers (Last week: unranked) – This is Amanda’s third appearance in the top 10 this semester. In three games (all against a top five ranked player in last week’s rankings) Amanda won one game. Her one big win offset her two losses and left her with 10 points. Keep it up!

6. Robert Izaguirre (Last week: Six) – True to form, Robert makes this list for the fifth consecutive week. At one point, he was on pace to play the most games of anybody in the Game Room. He’s now played the third most games, and this week played only one game. That one game was a win and came against a top five player from last week. 20 points was enough to propel him up one spot from last week.

5. Tommy Smith (Last week: unranked) – Tommy makes his debut in the rankings this week with 25 points. Not only was he perfect in his two games this week, but he is undefeated in his four ranked matches this semester. It was a solid effort, but in this game volume is everything. The top four players all played at least 10 games this week.

4. Chris Martinez (Last week: Six) – Chris has now been featured three straight weeks. While he has a losing record overall (8 wins: 23 losses), Chris is constantly playing tough opponents. Nine of his 10 games played were against top 10 opponents from last week. What’s more, all four of his wins came against top five opponents. Those smart moves paid off to the tune of 60 points. That is more than last week’s Pool Shark had.

3. Francisco Mora (Last week: Two) – Francisco has continued one of the most impressive stories in the Game Room Power Rankings. He has been in the top three every week of this list. He scored 95 points in 14 games (Eight wins/Six losses). Many of those games were against the two players that appear higher in the rankings. Can he continue that streak next week, and close out the semester strong?

2. Steven Bolish (Last week: Pool Shark) – Steven followed up his impressive rise to the top of the rankings with another strong finish at number two. He just edged out Francisco with 105 points in 17 games. He compiled the most wins of anybody while also playing the most games. But, all his rivals for the crown had an opportunity to win 30 points every time they played him. There were no 30 point opportunities for him. That’s the nature of being the Pool Shark. He can rebound next week by playing the guy with a 30 point target on his back.

Pool Shark. Sergio Rodriguez (Last week: unranked) – Who? Sergio has not been on our list before. Prior to this week, he had only recorded three games and they were all losses. I guess he found his mojo, though. He put up nine wins in 17 games, many of them against the top five players from last week, to the tune of 125 points. He compiled most of his points against Steven and Francisco. This was one of the more impressive debuts we’ve seen in these rankings. But, can he do what nobody else has managed thus far, and defend his title? Or will another new face take it from under the current contenders?


Below is the breakdown of this week’s top 10:

Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Points
1 Sergio Rodriguez 17 9 8 125
2 Steven Bolish 17 10 7 105
3 Francisco Mora 14 8 6 95
4 Chris Martinez 10 4 6 60
5 Tommy Smith 2 2 0 25
6 Robert Izaguirre 1 1 0 20
T7 Amanda Rodgers 3 1 2 10
T7 Raymond McCumber 5 1 4 10
9 Ruben Garza 2 1 1 5
10 Charles Jones 3 1 2 0

All-Time Rankings (Minimum five ranked matches):

DC Hammons lost his standalone footing on our all-time list and is now tied in win percentage with Miles Eggleston and Rory Campbell. While neither Miles nor Rory recorded any games last week, DC recorded one loss. Raymond dropped from second to fifth with his four losses. Jonathan moved up one spot to fourth. Other than that, there wasn’t much activity.

This next week will be the last of the semester for these rankings. Whoever stands at the top of this list at the end of it will be crowned the TAMUSA Game Room Fall 2018 Pool Shark, and immortalized in history. It’s not too far out of reach that somebody couldn’t come out of nowhere to win it. All you need to do is play at least five games and record them in the green notebook by the door. The best win percentage wins.

Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
T1 DC Hammons 7 5 2 0.714
T1 Miles Eggleston 14 10 4 0.714
T1 Rory Campbell 7 5 2 0.714
4 Jonathan Rogers 6 4 2 0.667
5 Raymond McCumber 32 21 11 0.656
6 Francisco Mora 60 37 23 0.617
7 Steven Bolish 51 28 23 0.549
T8 Idris Ali 12 6 6 0.5
T8 Ruben Garza 12 6 6 0.5
T8 Tre’Shawn Jones 6 3 3 0.5

Continue below for last week’s rankings:


Game Room Power Rankings, Week of October 30 thru November 12

Howdy, Jaguars! With Thanksgiving around the corner and finals soon to follow, this semester’s Game Room Power Rankings are probably your top priority right now, as they should be. You want to know where you stack up? Find out below! But first, let’s get into some of the changes for next week!

New Rules: Week Five

The first big change is that, like this set of rankings, next “week” will actually be two weeks. That means “week five” will include the week of Thanksgiving as well.  

Second, I am weighting wins against ranked opponents again. Wins against 10 thru six will be worth 15 points. Wins against ranks five thru two will be worth 20 points and wins against the Pool Shark will be worth 30. Good luck, Jaguars!

Top 10: Week Four

Tied 10. D’Shaun Watson (Last week: unranked) – D’shaun accumulated zero points, like many of you. Unlike many of you, he played three games. He lost two, and that means he finished with zero points. He was not the only one to do so, and this tie means there are actually 11 Jaguars featured this week.

Tied 10. David Rios (Last week: Four) – David makes the list for the third consecutive week, but this was his lowest appearance so far. Like D’shaun, he played three games and won only one. David can bounce back if he plays more games.

Tied 6. Emmett Quinones (Last week: unranked) – Emmett makes his debut on this week’s list with five points after splitting his two games played. He was one of four Jaguars with that point total.

Tied 6. Larry Falcon (Last week: Five) – Larry drops one spot from last week, largely due to the fact he only played two games. Going .500 for a week can feel good, but in this system, more games means more points.

Tied 6. Chris Martinez (Last week: Eight) – Ranked for the second consecutive week and improving his overall rank, Chris also split his two games. Five points was good enough to move up this week, but he’ll need to play more ranked matches if he wants to move up again next week.

Tied 6. Robert Izaguirre (Last week: Seven) – Robert also scored five points, but he did so in eight games. He won three and lost five. Volume didn’t seem to be a problem for Robert, but too many losses dragged down his point total. This week also saw Robert drop out of the top ten on the all-time leaderboard. Robert will look to bounce back, and if he plays matches against other players from this list, he can boost his point total.

5. Ruben Garza (Last week: Ten) – I keep talking about how playing more games will get you ranked, but it seems Ruben wanted to make me eat my words. He played and won his only game, giving him 10 points. That was enough to get him to number five on our list, shooting up from his number 10 spot last week. While it seems to have worked out for him, I tend to imagine more games would mean more points for Ruben.

4. Raymond McCumber (Last week: unranked) – I guess Ruben and Raymond were of like mind this week: If you don’t lose, you don’t have to play a ton of games. After noticeably missing out on the rankings for the first time last week, he made his presence felt with another strong showing. Raymond went undefeated in two games, good for 20 points and the fourth spot on our list.

3. Charles Jones (Last week: Nine) – What a rebound Charles has had the last few weeks. After not making the first two rankings, he makes it twice in a row, this time shooting up the leaderboard by taking three of four contests. His 25 points are good for third place in a strong field. His .750 win percentage marks one of the more efficient winners this week and could bode well for the future.

2. Francisco Mora (Last week: Two) – I don’t know that anybody should be disappointed in taking the second spot on our list, but Francisco was unable to improve on last week, and it’s clear he’s looking to regain the crown of Pool Shark. Francisco took into account the type of game these rankings are and went for volume play. In 13 games, he took seven wins, earning 40 points. This also marks the fourth consecutive week he’s managed to make a top three appearance, an impressive feat in its own right. It may not have been enough this week, but Francisco is, without a doubt, one of the best players on campus.

Pool Shark. Steven Bolish – Steven has made this list every week of its existence, one of only three to do so (Robert and Francisco are the other two). He’s consistently put himself up against the best, and sharpened his skills. Coming into this week with a .500 overall record, something needed to budge. Steven showed himself as a winner. He proved it by taking seven of 12 contests and earning 45 points. With such a close margin of victory, it’s clear this week could have gone either way. But in the end, it was Steven who emerged as the victor, and this week’s Pool Shark.


Here’s the breakdown of the rankings for this week:

Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Points
1 Steven Bolish 12 7 5 45
2 Francisco Mora 13 7 6 40
3 Charles Jones 4 3 1 25
4 Raymond McCumber 2 2 0 20
5 Ruben Garza 1 1 0 10
T6 Robert Izaguirre 8 3 5 5
T6 Chris Martinez 2 1 1 5
T6 Larry Falcon 2 1 1 5
T6 Emmett Quinones 2 1 1 5
T10 David Rios 3 1 2 0
T10 D’Shaun Watson 3 1 2 0

Doubles Rankings: None for this week, unfortunately. Play more games!

All-Time Rankings (Minimum five ranked matches):

We actually have 10 Jaguars in our all-time top 10 this week. What’s more, every person who made this list has at least a .500 record in the game room. That’s some stiff competition to say the least. Jonathan dropped a few spots after only recording one loss. Ruben Garza’s one win eliminated his tie with Larry Falcon and knocked Larry out of the top 10. Finally, with Steven’s strong week, he was able to move up a spot on our list to number seven. This ranking is starting to heat up, but who will be at the top when the semester ends? It’s not too late for a contender to come who isn’t even listed here.


Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 DC Hammons 6 5 1 0.833
2 Raymond McCumber 27 20 7 0.741
T3 Miles Eggleston 14 10 4 0.714
T3 Rory Campbell 7 5 2 0.714
5 Jonathan Rogers 6 4 2 0.667
6 Francisco Mora 46 29 17 0.63
7 Steven Bolish 34 18 16 0.529
T8 Idris Ali 12 6 6 0.5
T8 Ruben Garza 10 5 5 0.5
T8 Tre’Shawn Jones 6 3 3 0.5

Continue below for last week’s rankings:


Game Room Power Rankings, Week of October 23 thru October 29

Hey Jaguars, have you voted yet? Just a friendly reminder, early voting ends November 2., and Election Day is November 6. Don’t forget to have your voice heard. It’s the truest expression of our freedom.

New Rules: Week Four

Before we run down this weeks rankings, let’s go over some changes for next week’s format. From October 30 through November 5 (remember, remember) we will be moving to a points system. There will be no minimum games played to be included, but you’ll probably want to get in as many games as possible. 10 points will be awarded for each win and five points will be deducted for each loss. The all-time rankings will remain dependent on win percentage.

Top 10: Week Three

It was a very competitive week in the Game Room, as showed by the fact that there is a lot of turnover in our Top 10. For the third week in a row, we have a new Pool Shark. This one is a new face to Power Rankings, but not to the Game Room. Let’s start with number 10:

10. Ruben Garza (Last week: Unranked) – Ruben made the list because he played the requisite number of games this week (four), but only took home one win. This is part of the reason we will be moving to the points system. Having seen Ruben play firsthand, I can say he plays better than his record this week reflects.

9. Charles Jones (Last week: Unranked) – Charles is a Game Room regular. He’s played well since the rankings have started, but some bad luck and the inability to close out matches has hurt his record. This week, he won two of seven ranked games. He’ll look to improve that next week, but makes this list for the first time this year.

8 . Chris Martinez (Last week: Unranked) – Chris has had a rough go of it in individual ranked matches. He’s played 19 games, but only won three. While that record may not reflect his overall skill, he’s still relatively new to the game, and he’s getting better every week. He took two of six games, and made his debut in our rankings.

7. Robert Izaguirre (Last week: Two) – Robert drops five spots from last weeks rankings as a result of winning three in nine ranked games. He continues to play a high volume of games, and makes these rankings for the third consecutive week, making him one of only three people to be featured each week of the rankings thus far.

6. Amanda Rodgers (Last week: 10) – Amanda is featured for the second consecutive week, after not participating in week one. She moves up four spots after winning three of eight games. The only thing separating her from a winning record this week was three consecutive losses to a regular from the top of our list. But, Amanda was not backing down, and in their fourth matchup, she got some revenge.

5. Larry Falcon (Last week: Unranked) – Larry went two and two this week, which was good for a top five spot. He also managed to break into the All-Time top 10 and the Doubles Ranking this week, so he deserves some kudos. Will he be able to improve on this impressive ranking debut next week?

4. David Rios (Last week: Eight) – David is another familiar face in this Top 10. He improved four spots this week, fueled by winning his first two games of the week. Alas, he could not keep the pace, and fell to .500 with two losses. Remember: More games means more opportunities to improve.

3. Steven Bolish (Last week: Nine) – After dropping a spot from week one to week two, Steven shot up the leaderboard with an impressive week. With six wins and six losses, Steven really showed he has what it takes to compete with anybody in the Game Room. This marks the third consecutive week he has recorded a .500 record, and the third week he makes this list.

2. Francisco Mora (Last week: Three) – Francisco has been consistently great in the game room, as he has made a top three spot each week. This week, he came up just short of a second Pool Shark crown in three weeks. Francisco won 11 of 17 games in impressive fashion. He took on all comers, but it just wasn’t enough to beat out this weeks top dog.

Pool Shark: Duane Christopher Hammons (Last week: Unranked) – Well, I’ve been hearing for weeks that DC is the best player on campus, and he came out this week and proved it. Recording his first six ranked games all semester, DC lost his first game and has not lost since.

You can check out the full break down of this week’s rankings here:

Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 DC Hammons 6 5 1 0.833
2 Francisco Mora 17 11 6 0.647
3 Steven Bolish 12 6 6 0.5
4 David Rios 4 2 2 0.5
5 Larry Falcon 4 2 2 0.5
6 Amanda Rodgers 8 3 5 0.375
7 Robert Izaguirre 9 3 6 0.333
8 Chris Martinez 6 2 4 0.333
9 Charles Jones 7 2 5 0.286
10 Ruben Garza 4 1 3 0.25

Doubles Rankings:

While there were eight doubles pairings who participated in the rankings, I will only be highlighting the top three teams.  Hopefully, I can feature more in the future, but this week was dominated by one team. First though, let’s highlight the other two:

  1. Francisco Mora and D’Shaun Watson – First of all, yes, his name is the same as the Texans quarterback (spelling aside) and yes, he is a Texans fan.  These two won one of three games played and showed some chemistry in the process.
  2. Timothy Shieff and Chris Martinez – I did state that I would not participate in the rankings, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m a competitor at heart. I figured it would be less awkward in the doubles category. The jury’s still out on that. Chris and I took two of three games played after losing our first. You may yet see more of this duo on future doubles rankings.

Pool Gam: Aaron Barash and Larry Falcon – A group of sharks is sometimes referred to as a gam, and that’s just what these two have proven to be. They messed up my rankings by going undefeated against five other teams in eight games. I can’t feature teams that couldn’t win any games, and these two are at fault for that. You can’t beat a perfect record, and this week you couldn’t beat Aaron and Larry, either.

All-Time Rankings (Minimum five ranked matches):

We have some turnover here as well, with two new additions at the top of the list. DC didn’t start recording until this week and stormed to the top of the list. Jonathan has been more selective in his approach, and it seems to have paid off. In any case, anybody who’s made this or any of our Top 10 lists are competitors who have earned their spot amongst the campus elite.


Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 DC Hammons 6 5 1 0.833
2 Jonathan Rogers 5 4 1 0.8
3 Raymond McCumber 25 18 7 0.72
T4 Miles Eggleston 14 10 4 0.714
T4 Rory Campbell 7 5 2 0.714
6 Francisco Mora 33 22 11 0.667
7 Idris Ali 11 6 5 0.545
T8 Steven Bolish 22 11 11 0.5
T8 Tre’Shawn Jones 6 3 3 0.5
T10 Ruben Garza 9 4 5 0.444
T10 Larry Falcon 9 4 5 0.444

Continue below for last week’s rankings:


Game Room Power Rankings, Week of October 16 thru October 23

What a crazy week?!! I hope all my fellow Jaguars managed to stay warm and dry. The cold weather hit me like a ton of bricks. The week one power rankings have yet to be published at the time of writing this, and we might be done with week three by the time I get this out.

Top 10: Week Two

For this week’s rankings, I put a target on the backs of all 10 ranked players. Wins against anybody ranked 10 through six were multiplied by 1.5. Wins against ranks five through two were doubled, and toppling the Pool Shark was worth three wins.

There’s some familiar faces in this week’s top 10, but we have a new Pool Shark. The competition has been fierce in these rankings and we’re starting to see some patterns emerge at the top. There were several people who recorded less than five matches but had a good overall record. However, I did lower the rankings of those who did not play enough matches, or played them against too few opponents. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the rankings!

10. Amanda Rodgers (Last week: unranked) – Amanda is a new face in these rankings, but not in the game room. She recorded four matches this week, all against opponents further up this list, taking one win. If Amanda continues to record games, more wins will surely come.

9. Steven Bolish (Last week: 8) – Steven makes the list for the second consecutive week, albeit one spot lower than last week. He recorded four games, with two wins.

8. David Rios (Last week: unranked) – David technically only played two games this week, with one victory. However, his one win was an upset against last week’s number two, Raymond McCumber. That was enough to take the seventh spot this week, but he’ll need to do more if he plans to stay on this list next week.

7. Chrystalin Lewis (Last week: unranked) – Chrystalin is a bit of a wild card here. They recorded two wins in three games, all against the same opponent. I’d like to see more games against more opponents, but the wins came against last weeks sixth ranked player.

6. Rory Campbell (Last week: 4) – Rory drops two spots on this list this week. He only played two games this week, with one coming against another top 10 player from last week.

5. Aaron Barash (Last week: unranked) – Aaron played and won three matches this week, although it was against two unranked opponents. Will he make another top 10 appearance next week? Only time will tell.

4. Jonathan Rogers (Last week: unranked) – Jonathan has not played a high volume of games. However, in two weeks he has yet to lose. I would say that was a result of him being selective with his opponents, but he proved that wasn’t the case with a big win over last week’s Pool Shark. Speaking of…

3. Francisco Mora (Last week: Pool Shark) – Francisco dropped two spots in the rankings, but still had a huge week. With the target on his back of being worth a whopping three wins, Francisco held up well, taking six wins in 10 games. He’ll look to bounce back next week.

2. Robert Izaguirre (Last week: 10) – Robert shot up the list with a vengeance, after losing 14 last week. Having still played the most ranked games of anybody, Robert’s return can be mainly attributed to some early revenge games against Francisco and Raymond, which were heavily weighted by their success last week. He played 5 games, winning three.

Pool Shark. Raymond McCumber (Last week: 2) – While Robert may have jumped the most spots on these rankings, Raymond took the most important step. Last week, he came up just short of the top spoty after looking like the frontrunner early. This week, he wasn’t going to be beaten out of the top spot. Raymond played six games, winning four of the five he played against opponents ranked in last week’s top 10. He has staked a claim as the top dog on campus; a true Pool Shark!

Below is a breakdown of the top 10:


Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 Raymond McCumber 11.5 9.5 2 0.826
2 Robert Izaguirre 8 6 2 0.75
3 Francisco Mora 10 6 4 0.6
4 Jonathan Rogers 4 4 0 1
5 Aaron Barash 3 3 0 1
6 Rory Campbell 2.5 2.5 0 1
7 David Rios 3 2 1 0.666
8 Christalyn Lewis 4 3 1 0.75
9 Steven Bolish 4 2 2 0.5
10 Amanda Rodgers 4 1 3 0.25

Next Week: Starting Tuesday, October 23, I will be tracking ranked matches for Doubles Pool. This is by far the most requested addition I have gotten, so I will cave in like a sinkhole. The rules will be similar (except for rule one, obviously). Please note that you can only record matches with ONE partner. That means you have to pick somebody and stick with them, at least through the week. Next week you can pick somebody else. But for now, NO TWO-TIMING.

All-Time Ranking: Have I mentioned that I’ll be tracking your all-time win/loss record and keeping a top ten list for that as well? Well, I am. This will be updated on a weekly basis. I am not including the weighted wins from this week, so these are the actual raw win percentages. As always, feedback and suggestions are appreciated. You can leave a comment on this article, or email me directly at


Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 Raymond McCumber 22 16 6 0.727
2 Rory Campbell 7 5 2 0.714
3 Francisco Mora 16 11 5 0.688
4 Miles Eggleston 11 7 4 0.636
5 Ruben Garza 5 3 2 0.6
6 Idris Ali 10 5 5 0.5
7 Tre’Shawn Jones 6 3 3 0.5
8 Steven Bolish 10 5 5 0.5
9 Larry Falcon 5 2 3 0.4
10 Robert Izaguirre 25 9 16 0.36

Continue below for last week’s rankings:


Game Room Power Rankings, Week of October 9 thru October 15

It’s what everybody with no life and knowledge of these rankings has been waiting for since I announced it last week: Game Room Power Rankings.

I’ve compiled game data volunteered by the adventurous competitors in the game room to give you a totally comprehensive and conclusive ranking of the best 10 Pool Players on Campus. A couple notes before we begin:

  1. While 22 people participated in ranked matches for pool, only three Jaguars recorded games for Table Tennis and nobody submitted results for Super Smash Bros. I want to give recognition to Chris Martinez, who won both recorded Table Tennis matches and has won the coveted title of Number One overall in the Table Tennis Rankings. Barring a surge in participation for those two games, their rankings will be put on hold until further notice.
  2. While there was lots of participation in and enthusiasm for ranked pool matches, 10 games per week seems to be a lot to handle. To make it easier, the minimum games played per week to be ranked has been lowered to five, starting this week.
  3. The number 1 ranked player will attain the coveted title of Pool Shark for the following week.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the rankings at number 10:

10. Robert Izaguirre – Robert did work this week, recording the most ranked matches of any participant with 20. Unfortunately, they didn’t all go his way. He won 6 games, third most on campus this week, while losing 14, by far the most losses, with half of them coming against the same opponent. More on him later…

9. D’Shaun Watson – D’Shaun couldn’t seem to get a lot going in six games, taking home two wins. It takes a lot of determination to participate in these ranked matches, and D’Shaun showed he has what it takes, challenging some tough opponents. More wins will come for those who compete.

8. Steven Bolish – Steven was .500 for the week, with three wins and three losses. It was an up and down affair, but getting even is no small task in this environment. “We’ll see how it evens out next week,” Bolish said.

7. Tre’Shawn Jones – Tre’Shawn also played six games, splitting wins and losses down the middle. He showed he can compete with the best, and can improve his rank next week.

6. Idris Ali – Idris eked out a winning week amassing four wins in seven games. The competition will only get tougher from here.

5. Ruben Garza – Ruben took three of five games this week. Four of those games came against opponents that also made this list. It was a good week for Ruben.

4. Rory Campbell – Rory played all five of his matches against opponents who also made this list, and won three of them. His wins should not be discounted.

3. Miles Eggleston – Miles was dominating all week. He started the week off with consecutive wins, but finished on two losses. While playing in 11 games, he won seven, good for the number three in the Power Rankings

2. Raymond McCumber – Raymond looked like the favorite to bring home the crown this week winning the first 10 matches he participated in. His fiery streak ended though when he dropped four of his last six games to finish with 12 wins, the most this week, and only four losses. But his .750 win average was not enough to propel him to the top, because of the sneaky good play of this week’s number one…

Pool Shark. Francisco Mora – Francisco had a great week in the game room. While only competing in six games, he was able to win five for a campus best .833 win average. For anybody looking for the campus pool shark, look no further than Francisco. Even McCumber, this week’s number two has Francisco in his sights. When asked what he was looking forward to in next week’s rankings McCumber said, “Easily, beating Francisco.” That’s quite a target.

Featured: Rivalry of the Week: Robert Izaguirre vs Raymond McCumber

Robert and Raymond went head-to-head eight times last week, and it had huge implications on the rankings. Raymond took the first seven games to help propel him to number two in the rankings this week, but Robert would not be kept down. In their eighth and final game, Robert finally put a win in his column against Raymond. Anybody can win any game, so good for Robert for sticking to his guns.

Upcoming: Accepting New Challengers

For those of you who participated, but were not featured: Fear not! For next week, any wins against anybody in this week’s Top Ten will be worth 1.5 wins in next week’s rankings. Beating a Top Five opponent will grant you two wins and knocking off the top spot will be worth three. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Any suggestions for future events or rankings will also be considered. You can find a complete table of the Top Ten listed below:

Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 Francisco Mora 6 5 1 0.833
2 Raymond McCumber 16 12 4 0.75
3 Miles Eggleston 11 7 4 0.636
4 Rory Campbell 5 3 2 0.6
5 Ruben Garza 5 3 2 0.6
6 Idris Ali 7 4 3 0.571
7 Tre’Shawn Jones 6 3 3 0.5
8 Steven Bolish 6 3 3 0.5
9 D’Shaun Watson 6 2 4 0.333
10 Robert Izaguirre 20 6 14 0.3







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