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History Club to host San Antonio Missions tour

History Club to host San Antonio Missions tour - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Mission San Juan Capistrano. A&M-San Antonio's History Club will lead tours of missions Espada, San Juan and San Jose beginning 10 a.m. at mission Espada on Oct. 29, 2022. National Parks Service photo

Students, faculty, family and friends are invited to take a relaxing stroll and learn new history about San Antonio by attending a missions trip. 

The History Club will lead the tour 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Oct. 29, starting at Mission Espada, located at 10040 Espada Road, to explore the missions Espada, San Juan and San Jose.

This will be the third time the club is hosting the free trip. The club is hoping for people to learn the history of the missions.

 “A lot of not only local in Texas, but world history, happened at these missions and it’s something that especially just students from San Antonio or along the area can connect back,” said Dylan Merten, president of the club. 

The event will include walking to three missions, and participants will spend about an hour or two at each mission. 

Merten said he and Carlos Talavera, History Club fundraising officer, will lead the tour. A&M professors may attend.

Spain built the missions in Texas to offer pit stops for travelers, defend against colonization by France and Christianize indigenous populations, according to the Missions Trails website.

Since these missions are still active churches, appropriate yet comfortable attire should be worn, Merten said. For example, tour members should not wear “anything with curse words, vulgar language or themes,” Merten said, but shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt are OK.

Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own water. If anyone needs transportation to Mission Espada, Merten will offer a ride in his own car. However, there is a limited capacity of four people. Therefore, those who need transportation should contact Merten as soon as possible. 

With no required fee, everyone can enjoy what the missions have to offer and learn how they have shaped Texas.

“Once you enter the mission itself, you’re kind of taken back in time. Not only that but you have a full chapel and a visitor center, which has a very wide museum as well,” Merten said. 

It is a time where people can get away and have a “therapeutic walk,” Merten said, as they explore and acquire new knowledge from three of the most prominent attractions in San Antonio. 

The tour will take place regardless of the weather conditions, Merten said.

“It is going to be one of those things where we are going to advertise, rain or shine, it’s still going to happen,” Merten said.

For more information, go here, send a message to Merten through JagSync or an email at

Attendees can also visit the History Club’s Instagram page @tamusahistoryclub.

Natalie Cerda contributed to this story.

Editor’s note: This story was corrected at 9:22 a.m. Oct. 29, 2022, to remove a source’s phone number at their request. 

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