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Mays Center advances your financial toolbox

Mays Center advances your financial toolbox - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Financial Education Coordinator Eli McCullen speaks with a student, Alex Amoroso, Oct. 12 and answers questions about credit and free credit reports. Courtesy photo: Mays Center

Students and staff can learn new ways to manage their credit or advance their knowledge about financial health and how it impacts their future at “Ask Me Anything About Credit and Budgets” 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. every Tuesday on the first floor of the Science and Technology Building at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

The next event is Nov. 9.

The Mays Center for Experiential Learning and Community Engagement has been hosting this event for students and staff for almost a year. Based on student requests and survey results, the center saw a need to provide more information about credit and budgeting.

“We wanted to produce a situation where students could ask those types of questions,” said Eli McCullen, financial education coordinator.

“Ask Me Anything About Credit and Budgets” is an open questions session just outside the Jaguar Java Coffee Shop. Attendees are encouraged to ask anything about the credit system, credit and debit cards, budgeting, investing and anything related to money or personal finances.

The goal is to empower individuals by providing education, tools and resources for their financial toolbox. It doesn’t matter if they have no credit, are just starting to build their credit or have established credit. 

It’s important to know how to create a budget and the benefits and consequences of using credit. There’s something everyone can learn.

“Students don’t know what they don’t know,” McCullen said. “Even if they are just standing around while somebody else asks a question, they might find out something that they don’t know.”

Private money coaching sessions are also available for those who are not comfortable asking their questions in an open setting or for those who have a more complex financial situation. 

“Money coaching is like a one-on-one appointment where students can talk to me about all of this in a one-on-one format,” McCullen said. “We actually set action goals and create an action plan. From there, we can track progress,”

Students are not required to bring anything to this event, just their questions and their identification. For more information, visit JagSync. To make an appointment, call the Mays Center at 210-784-1356 or email

Noah Yepez contributed to this story.

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