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Slideshow: Protestors at Donald Trump SATX 10/11

By Ami Sarabia and Evelyn Vallejo

Despite the backlash GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump received for his statements about women, he is visiting San Antonio for a private fundraiser.

Texas Finance Co-Chair for Trump Victory Gene Powell, was in charge of the event.

Powell penned a statement regarding the luncheon, and Trump’s statements, but has an “obligation” to the campaign.

“I am deeply disappointed and offended by the comments made by Mr. Trump on the video released on Friday. However, I made a commitment to the campaign and I have one obligation left to the campaign and that is a fundraising event tomorrow in San Antonio and I will fulfill that obligation as promised,” Powell stated.
The fundraiser was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel downtown San Antonio,Oct.11 at noon.

Tickets for the luncheon ranged in price from $500 a person to $100,000 for four tickets, which included a VIP reception and a photo op.

The San Antonio Police Department worked closely with the Hyatt, making sure every person was safe while protesting.

Protesters gathered outside the venue, many chanting, “Haven’t you heard? Trump’s in town, what do we do? Shut him down.”

Elena Gonzalez, San Antonio resident wore a Hilary Clinton mask to the rally. “I kept the mask all these years, and here I am again supporting Hillary.”

Donald Trump was in and out of San Antonio making his way to Panama City, FL for a presidential rally.

Tuesday marks the last day to register to vote in Bexar county.

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Ami Sarabia
Ami Sarabia
Visual Editor
Amisarahi Sarabia uses her creativity and visual skills to create an engaging community news site for the A&M-San Antonio campus and surrounding communities. Ami previously reported for The Pulse at Palo Alto College and worked as a photographer at San Antonio's Tower of the Americas. In 2014, Ami started her own website “The Girl Is Poison” ( dedicated to beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. Ami’s passions include photography, reading, blogging and listening to The Beatles.
Evelyn Vallejo
Evelyn Vallejo
Visual Editor
Evie has a strong passion for photography and writing. She has written for the website and both dealing with video game news and coverage the past few months and wrote a few reviews of video games. She has photographed for the Mesquite at Texas A&M University-San Antonio in the past and took a photojournalism class as well as other photography classes at Palo Alto College. She is an intern photojournalist for the Mesquite and plans to graduate from Texas A&M-San Antonio in Spring 2017 with a BA in Communications. She also runs a twitch channel, a streaming service for gamers, at where you can watch her play video games badly.

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