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Series: Meet the dean of students candidates, Dr. Javier Flores

Series: Meet the dean of students candidates, Dr. Javier Flores - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Dr. Javier Flores, candidate for Associate Vice-President/Dean of Students at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, discusses servant leadership at an open forum on campus Nov.17, 2021. Flores is one of four candidates for the position, slated to be filled as early as next week. Photo by Chemeckia Caddell

Texas A&M University-San Antonio students met Dr. Javier Flores, one of four candidates for associate vice president and dean of students, at a student forum Nov. 17.  Flores served as vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Angelo State University for 12 years.


Dr. Javier Flores, former vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, Angelo State University.

“My message in my work is always, I want every student to have the opportunity to be everything that they want to be.”

The Mesquite chose the most relevant Q&As and quotes from the forum.

Biology freshman Andrea Martinez: “Communication is huge for this position. I want to know… how do you maintain communication among students and faculty when a lot of students don’t check their email? I know you send emails asking students their concerns, but how else would you be able to connect with students that doesn’t involve email?”

Flores: “I attend SGA meetings regularly. I don’t speak unless I’m given the floor to speak. I can answer questions as well. I am one that is out on campus, a lot. I tell students all the time if you see me, stop and tell me how you’re doing or just converse. I may not always approach you, not knowing if you may be late for class. I’ll still say, hello, how are you doing. I think about bringing students together, so having different presidents of student organizations or finding different cohorts and periodically having lunch where we just sit around, we talk and I ask how things are going.”

Marketing senior Liandre De la Uso: “How do you plan as part of the leadership department to integrate more community minded-programs to our campus?”

Flores: “One of the things I’d love to do is incorporate a service component to JagX days. Very quickly students can realize the importance. The other thing is when you look at internships and when you look at financial aid and work-study funds. As a public institution, we can allocate a certain amount of work-study dollars to nonprofit organizations, especially in the Southside. So, we can have students that are receiving federal aid and work-study funds go and work somewhere on the Southside.”

Communications senior Chemeckia Caddell: “What makes you feel you’re the best to represent and support us as students? What makes you the best candidate for the job?”

Flores: “I don’t know that I’m the best, but I will give it my best effort. I will make it where I will be the best. I will tell you, you deserve the very best. The search committee has worked very hard. Ninety-nine applicants and four finalists and I suspect the other three are just as qualified, just as dynamic. So, I don’t know that I’m the best. But I do know I will give my best effort. I will take all of my experiences and knowledge to be able to work for this institution and for the students.”

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Chemeckia Caddell is a communication senior at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. She transferred from the Alamo Colleges. She is a Navy and Army veteran and a part-time student. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, baking, decorating and spending time outdoors with her dog. Upon graduating, she hopes to explore a career in public relations or technical writing.

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