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Storybooth: students report issues with course availability, handicapped parking

By Mikhaila Dansby

Each month student reporters meet casually with fellow students to listen to their concerns, opinions or stories of success. We ask students of all majors about their jobs, family obligations, coursework and student services on our growing campus.

Our monthly campus storybooth gives students the chance to voice their views on any campus concerns, as well as their university experiences. Based on the national StoryCorps (, whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives, our Storybooth will grow this semester into recorded audio segments that will allow students to read — and hear — each other’s concerns and viewpoints. It will also provide faculty and administration a sample of what’s on students’ minds.

At this month’s story booth we met a few students who had concerns in regards to student services. The handful of students we met offered their opinions on what needs to be improved at Texas A&M-San Antonio.

Nanette Lechner
Education Junior

The first student we met, Lechner, said she hopes to see a poetry club available to students in the near future. As a member of the poetry club at the Alamo Colleges she said she was planning to be a part of the club here. Unfortunately, she said, we do not have a poetry club. Being that February is Poetry Month, she thought she would see poetry available to students to read or perhaps an open-mic night so students can read their choice of poetry aloud.

NOTE: Nanette, check this out. We suggest a club called A-literation Generation, advised by English professor Katherine Gillen, You might also contact professor Ann Bliss,, who has hosted open mics in the past. Students, there are more student organizations on our campus than you think. Need a database of current student organizations? Here is the link to “community,” created and managed by Student Affairs:

Hollie Albrecht
Education Senior

Hollie’s main concerns are with course schedules and availability. She feels there aren’t enough class selections available in her major, causing her to put off enrolling in certain classes. Some of her required courses are only available on Saturdays, but with life obligations outside of school, she is not available to enroll in weekend course sections.

Kelly McConoghy
Special education senior

Next is Kelly, who like Hollie, also has concerns with course availability. Due to a slim selection of classes throughout summer school, she has had to push her graduation back to the fall semester. After spring semester, she will lack only three required courses.

Note: We advise getting in touch with Melissa Quintanilla, Student Government Association president or one of SGA’s senators. SGA serves as a liaison between students and administration and distributes student surveys, including course schedule preferences. Check out their website, or email the SGA executive board at

Tim Smith    
Criminology Senior

Smith has concerns with the speed limit on University Way. He believes the speed limit should be increased. He has seen “a lot of students” getting pulled over while coming or leaving the school. The speed limit is currently set at 30 mph. Although Smith did not give a specific speed that he would like to drive while coming to campus, he has a strong belief that 30 mph is too slow.

Note: Tim, apparently you’re not the only one. There has already been a request submitted by the University Police Department to increase the speed limit to 35 mph. Due to the location of future businesses around the university, UPD wants to maintain a safe speed limit on University Way. For more information, contact UPD at 210-784-1900.

Judith Guthrie  
Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) senior

Judith Guthrie is a senior concerned with handicapped parking available to staff and students. She would like to see handicapped parking located closer to campus, or located near stairs. She said the distance from the handicapped parking to the entry door of Main Campus Building is too far.

Note: Judith, student reporters contacted the director of facilities and confirmed the university is in compliance with the American Disability Act accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities.

Students, let your voice count and bring your comments and concerns to the next storybooth Wednesday, March 6.


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