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Playlist: Six vintage tunes to approach a heartache

Playlist: Six vintage tunes to approach a heartache - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Photo Illustration by Amber Esparza

Whether you’re going through a rough patch with your significant other, just getting over a relationship or are perpetually prone to romantic misfortune, this playlist is here to help you face whatever heartache you’re dealing with.

This Valentine’s Day may not be your happiest, but at least you can cope a bit with some music.

“Tale Of My Lost Love”- The Female Species

This 60’s girl-group track about a relationship that has long since departed will leave you pitifully nostalgic for your past lover. The haunting yet candied voices of the Gossett sisters and Dawna Uyeno Snow float effortlessly over a relaxed psychedelic melody to painstakingly remind you of the one who got away.

“Where Is My Other Half”- Tim Maia

Have you ever been dumped and wondered why they left? “Where Is My Other Half” doesn’t answer that question but eternizes the thought in blissful agony. A ruinous Tim Maia wallows with you.

“I Hate You”- The Monks

Released in 1966, “I Hate You” remains as relatable as ever. This psychedelic proto-punk break-up song reminds us that we are all prone to some toxic tendencies, especially when we’re in love. Similar to a corrupt romance, the song swells steady with angst and erupts furiously at the opportune moment.

“Heart Full Of Love”- The Invincibles

The story of a strained and labored relationship is told through the soulful pleading voices of The Invincibles. While not exactly a break-up song, “Heart Full Of Love” encapsulates the pain and fear of a fleeting love. This one is for the truly downhearted. 

“Take Me For A Little While”- The Royal Jesters

From San Antonio’s very own west side crooners, the Royal Jesters’ “Take Me For A Little While” is essential for mending a battered heart. If you’re looking for a song to cry and bop to, this is it. 

“My Heart Cries For You”- Bloodshot Bill

While only released in 2020, “My Heart Cries For You” is an attest to the timelessness of the song’s sound. This rockabilly track is surprisingly comforting in its acceptance of a relationship that has run its course. After being suspended in his rhythmic hypnosis, Bloodshot Bill reminds us that all good things must come to an end. 

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