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President Clinton and Texas political leaders rally for Hillary Clinton

UPDATED:  10:09 p.m., March 3 

By Daniel Serna

Former President Clinton stopped in San Antonio Feb. 29, a day before the Texas Primaries, to rally support and voters for his wife, Hillary Clinton. The event, held at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on the West Side of San Antonio, quickly filled with a lively crowd awaiting the former President.

The audience chanted: “We want Bill! We want Bill!” And when he appeared, he asked the audience, “Are you going to vote for Hillary tomorrow?”

“I almost don’t know what to talk about ‘cause that last Republican debate gave us so much material,” Clinton said.

Clinton addressed the issue of college debt in his support speech.

“Because there are a lot of young millennials that have a good college degree, but have so much debt they can’t move out of their parents home and they think they’ll never be able to borrow money for their own home or business or even pay back the debt,” Clinton said.

“Her (Hillary Clinton) plan provides for everyone that graduates from a public school or historically black college or university, or a predominantly Latino university, or any other university with recently low tuition and high graduation rates will graduate debt free.”

Clinton, along with other Texas political leaders rallied in favor of his wife to be the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Former State Sen. Leticia Van De Putte was in attendance showing her support for Clinton and introduced West Side native, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro.

“Please welcome our pride and joy, someone who knows San Antonio’s West Side, the best and the brightest, Joaquin Castro,” Van De Putte said.

“Isn’t it wonderful to be here on the West Side of San Antonio, Texas and more than that to have the President of the United States with us,” Castro said. “I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who is here, who cares about the direction of our country and where it’s going and is here to support the next president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Liz Flores attended to support Hillary Clinton and see Bill Clinton. Flores helped make Clinton support signs.

“I have been a Clinton supporter for a long time, of course Hillary, since she started the campaign I’ve been following hers, she’s awesome,” Flores said. “I think she is the most qualified against the Republicans.”

The line stretching down the side of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on Guadalupe St. was so long that not everyone made it inside the event. Some who did not make it in decided to stay and look through the entrance glass doors still showing their support for Clinton.

Supporters appeared in masses wearing hats with Hillary Clinton buttons pinned all around along with other supporters wearing  t-shirts that have “La Hillary Estoy Contigo” (Hillary I’m with you) printed under her picture.

Supporters chanting, “Hillary! Hillary!” filled the theater with signs on the walls reading, “Senora Presidenta” and “Texas is Hillary Country.”

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett also spoke to the audience in favor of Hillary Clinton.

“Our candidate, who has devoted her entire life to public service, a president that won’t get lost on the west side of San Antonio because she knows these neighborhoods,” Doggett said. “When Secretary Clinton becomes President Clinton we know she can deliver on the change we need”

“I have to say this is not just about electing a president it’s about ending an embarrassment for Texas,” he added.

Herlinda Sifuentes, a Latino education specialist, attended the rally as a volunteer and has been a Hillary Clinton fan since Bill Clinton was running for president.

Sifuentes suggested a vice president running mate for Hillary Clinton, should she get the nomination. “Of course Castro, who else-yeah, Castro, Julian Castro,” Sifuentes said.

Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, is the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, and twin brother of Congressman, Joaquin Castro.

Rhonda Branha, who referred to Clinton as “a smart lady,” attended the rally in support of Hillary.

“I’ve loved politics all my life and I’m a registered voter. In fact, I did early voting and I encourage everyone to get out and cast their vote regardless of who you select,” Branha said. “But I think Bill Clinton had a beautiful voice for Hillary. Today, here in San Antonio. Bienvenidos, Bill Clinton.”

On March 1, Hillary Clinton won the Texas Primary with 65 percent of the vote. Bernie Sanders with 33 percent of the Texas vote won Oklahoma by 51.9 percent. The next state voting for primaries is Louisiana, March 5.

Clinton recently won the South Carolina primary with 73.5 percent of the votes on Feb. 27.

To register online visit VoteTexas or for more information on voting visit the Federal Voter Assistance Program website.

About the Author

Daniel Serna
Daniel Serna
Daniel E. Serna is a native of San Antonio. Raised on the West Side of San Antonio he graduated from the historical Thomas Jefferson High School. Daniel is a senior at Texas A&M University-San Antonio majoring in the Communication-Media Studies program with a minor in English. One of Daniel’s passions is classic cars. He grew up helping at his father’s auto upholstery shop, Danny’s Classic Upholstery, that specializes in the interior restoration of classic cars.

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