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Saints Four Season Classic: Day 1

The stands were filled with spectators bundled in blankets, equipped with mugs and tin foil-wrapped sausage tacos, to watch the Jaguar softball team return to San Antonio in the Saints Four Season Classic. The Jags took on the Bethany College Swedes and the Midland University Warriors. Both games took place at Our Lady of the Lake University’s softball field. 

Feb. 10: Jaguars v. Bethany College Swedes

From the opening pitch, the Swedes were relentless both on the field and in the dugout. The Swedes quickly loaded the bases and took a 3-0 lead as Bethany College sophomore Sasha Martello sent a line drive into left field, allowing three base runners to score. 

Just as the Jags were starting to find a rhythm, the Swedes would score again in back-to-back plays, the lead now 6-0 in the fourth inning.

Jaguar Alessandra Rosalez was the first to score for the team after Jaguar freshman Samara Aguilera hit a single into right field. Using that momentum, Jaguar senior Melissa Gonzalez would hit a fly ball over right field, allowing Jaguar junior Riana Tovar to score. 

In the sixth inning, Bethany College junior Allison Rosa hit a double over center field, allowing two runners to score. The Jaguars wouldn’t leave the inning scoreless, however. Gonzalez hit a home run, allowing another runner to score as well. 

The score was now 8-4 heading into the seventh and final inning. 

The Jaguars decided to switch to their closing pitcher, freshman Samara Aguilera. The Swedes tacked on their final point in the top of the seventh as Bethany College freshman Melissa Riley hit a single up center field, allowing a runner to score. 

The Swedes would take the victory over the Jaguars, 9-6.

“We need to do a better job of coming out from the very get-go,” head coach Nicole Dufour said. 

Dufour attributed the loss to a lack of focus and stressed the importance of staying ready. 

Feb. 10: Jaguars v. Midland Warriors 

The Jaguars looked to bounce back in their second game against the Midland University Warriors. 

At pitcher for the Jags would be senior Ebbie Rodriguez who started off the game hot with two back-to-back strikeouts. The Jags played with a renewed vigor compared with the last game, clicking on all aspects defensively while making swift in-field decisions. 

The Warriors were just as relentless, matching the Jags’ intensity in batting and on the field. This defensive battle would last until the third inning when Warriors senior Keira Painter sent a sacrifice fly above center field, allowing the Warriors to score the first points of the match.

Although the Jags were executing defensively, their hitting never caught a rhythm. The last time the Jags had a runner on base was in the third inning before finally landing a base hit in the sixth. 

At the top of the seventh inning Midland junior Micaela Rodriguez sent a homer over the fences, sending her and another base runner to home plate. Midland led 3-0.

Finally Midland University would seal the win with Warriors junior Emily Prai, hitting a triple to right field, sending two base runners home. 

The final score was 5-0, a Warriors win.

Head coach Nicole Dufour praised Ebbie Rodriguez’s pitching, saying how Rodriguez set the team up nicely. Dufour was disappointed they couldn’t capitalize on it. 

“I don’t think we backed [Rodriguez] up offensively,” Dufour said. “When our pitcher is working as hard as she was, I think we need to do a better job offensively to match that same energy.”

Jaguar senior Melissa Gonzalez said the team is still growing as a collective. Gonzalez saw the losses as a learning experience that would help facilitate good habits for the younger players.

“Mentally, we’re still building as a team,” Gonzalez said. “We got a lot of new young talent, so we’re trying to capitalize on that now.” 

The Jaguars would take on the same teams the following day at the OLLU softball fields. The Midland Warriors defeated the Jags 11-4 but the Jags were victorious over the Bethany College Swedes, 14-4. 

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