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Student viewpoints on campus carry

Photos by Alejandra Casas and Kendra Wilkerson

Editor’s Note: Last week’s concealed carry forum was not packed with people, but it was packed with emotion. Those in favor and against the allowance of concealed handguns on campus made their presence known during the forum. We invited students at the forum, and across campus, to share their opinions on this controversial subject:

Luis ChavezLuis Chavez
Education and social studies major


 “I am pro. If people have a concealed gun license outside they should be responsible enough to carry it in here. I know people say that there are no guns in school, but I know people that actually bring guns to school. If I had my permission to bring it I would. It doesn’t make any difference. Nobody is gonna know if I got it or not.”


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Faith Bravermen

Faith Bravermen
Political science senior


“I believe in the second amendment. I think it is ridiculous that I have to ask the government permission when I am already guaranteed the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. If anything, they need to back off and allow the Constitution to thrive. That’s the reason this country is in such horrible shape, because they don’t respect our rights anyway.”


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Zach Gonzales

Zach Gonzales
Northwest Vista College student/Prospective transfer student


“In all honesty, some of it’s just and some of it is kind of stupid,” Gonzales says, referring to the campus carry debate. “There is nothing honestly then I would like more than our citizens to be armed. A polite society is an armed society.”


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Sylvia Soto

Silvia Soto
Education Senior and SGA Vice President


“People have a right to carry arms, but I also believe that not everyone should carry an arm due to different factors. As a future educator, if I look at it in that perspective, instead of looking at it as a right…any kind entity should have a right to stop people from doing something. No, I don’t think that it would be safe.”


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Devin Potts, Education JuniorIsabel Garza
Education junior


“I personally don’t think it is a good idea. People get anxious if they see someone carrying guns without a badge. Having guns on campus is not a good idea.”


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Eloy Urbina, Math Junior

Eloy Urbina
Math junior



“I don’t lean one way or the other. I’m comfortable with guns, because I grew up around them. So I’m not scared of responsible gun owners.”



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Victor Rodriguez, Math Senior
Victor Rodriguez
Math senior



“I’m a little indifferent about it. I’ve seen cases where having a gun on campus came in handy and some cases where it went bad.”



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Vincent Palomo-Rodriguez, English Senior

Vincent Palomo-Ramirez
English senior



“I don’t think weapons should be held by students or faculty, unless they have a badge.”

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Cassandra Lerette
English senior


“I heard about the forum addressing the topic. I think as our school expands, there are going to be a lot of nooks and crannies that would need more security. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to allow for gun carry on campus.”

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Elaine Arredondo, History senior

Elaine Arredondo
History senior


“I’m pretty neutral on the topic. I think it could go either way. Allowing for the concealed carry of guns on campus could be a good thing or it could be a really bad thing.”

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SGA will conduct a poll on March 30 to determine the position of the student body on this issue.

For more on the concealed carry forum, read our rundown of the event.

Gloria Petit contributed to these interviews

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