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The ultimate fall playlist

The ultimate fall playlist - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

"Video Game" by Sufjan Stevens album cover. Courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty Records.

With Halloween quickly approaching, fall is in full swing and nothing is more essential to the season than pumpkin spice coffee, Uggs and a good playlist. 

Now that temperatures are finally under 90 degrees, now is the perfect time to enjoy lunch outside or take the scenic route to class. To accompany you on those moments of solitude, here’s a playlist to give you the full autumn experience.

Video Game – Sufjan Stevens:

Off Stevens’ 2020 album “The Ascension,” “Video Game” is simultaneously sleek and nonchalant. Stevens’ vocals are soft spoken and nearly monotone but are complemented by an undeniably catchy beat.

Fittingly, the song sounds like it could be on the soundtrack of a ‘90s video game. At four minutes and fifteen seconds, the song is perfect to listen to for the walk from your car to class. 

Cuff Your Jeans – Claud:

If you like Wallows or Clairo, Claud is right up your alley. “Cuff Your Jeans” was the third single off of the artist’s 2021 debut album, “Super Monster.”

As the weather gets cooler, this track is cozy. In a statement, Claud said the song is about yearning.

“Call your phone you never answer,

Missing out on endless banter,

You’ve never been that good at small talk,

But I’d love to chat your ear off”

It’s hard to determine if the best part of this track is the warm electric guitar or Claud’s distorted vocals. Regardless, it’s an essential for the upcoming fall nights. 

Natural – Shelly:

Formed in the middle of the pandemic, Shelly is a four member band with only two tracks out. However, the four members just so happen to include bedroom pop superstar Clairo, Claud, Noa Frances Getzug and Josh Mehling who helped produce “Cuff Your Jeans.”

With so much talent and experience between the members, it’s no wonder why this song is alternative perfection. Clairo and Claud’s lulling vocals draped over dreamy guitars makes this the ultimate track to accompany your fall afternoons. 

Devil’s Advocate – The Neighbourhood:

If you’re familiar with The Neighbourhood, you know their hit track “Sweater Weather” is the epitome of fall. 

The band maintained the autumn ambience with “Devil’s Advocate.” The track was the third single off of the 2020 album “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones.” With a robust bassline and distortions surrounding Jesse Rutherford’s fashionable and level-headed vocals, this track is a must for Halloween night.

Islands- Reese Lansangan:

Lansangan is a musician and author from Manila. She’s no stranger to popularity in the states as one of her tracks was featured in a campaign video for NASA. 

Released in 2018, “Islands” is a faultless track for fall mornings. Despite the woeful lyrics, the track is eccentric with a funky bassline. 

“Gotta let you go, 

but when i do my mind just keeps on finding a way to you again,

Self-control won’t help me so don’t come running back

After listening, make sure to take the time to delve into the lyrics because they’re absolutely genius. 

Weird Around You – Eerie Summer:

With under 8,000 monthly listeners, Eerie Summer is a hidden gem. Signed to Topshelf Records, the dream pop duo comprises Victoria  and Maxim from Finland and Russia.

The 2016 album “The Way I Don’t Understand Anything Anymore” features nine tracks. All of them are worthy of a place on this playlist, but my favorite has to be “Weird Around You.”

The song describes developing romantic feelings towards someone and knowing you shouldn’t act on it. The track sounds as hazy and blurry as the feelings she sings of. 

I feel so weird around you,

I’ve never really been in love…

Confessing seems just a little bit pointless with a guy like you,

I’d rather sit and stare at the water with you”

In a YouTube comment, the band said the track was written from the point of view of the cartoon character Daria from the 1997 MTV self-titled cartoon. 

Find the complete playlist on Spotify

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