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A&M-San Antonio students search for quiet study spots on campus

A&M-San Antonio students search for quiet study spots on campus - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Students gather in the first floor of the College of Business Library Hall building on Dec. 5, 2023. The library has various individual study rooms as well as open study areas on each floor with varying noise levels. The first floor is considered 'conversational', while the second floor is 'considerate,' and the third floor is 'quiet.' Photo by Saile Aranda

On the heels of finals seasons, students at Texas A&M University-San Antonio are staking out the campus and claiming whatever quiet and cozy places they can to get much needed studying done. 

Kinesiology freshman Victoria Vasquez says she enjoys the privacy study rooms offer. 

“It’s really quiet. No one is talking around you,” Vasquez said. “Sometimes I get distracted with other people talking.” 

Study rooms are located in each educational building at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. 

When off campus Vasquez finds the best quiet place to be in the comfort of her own room. 

“It’s your own private area,” she said. “You know where everything is without being interrupted.”

Psychology junior Abigail Miramontes said her favorite quietest place on campus is one specific room in the Science and Technology Building. 

“A room here in the science building, the one that has the window,” Miramontes said while she hung out next to the Starbucks café on campus Nov. 26. “It’s comfy and I connect to the TV to put music on.” 

Miramontes carried several notebooks in her hand and a large book bag on her shoulder. She was among several students waiting for a caffeinated beverage.  

With only a few weeks remaining in the semester, she anxiously said that she felt like she was in a study marathon. 

“It’s not too small to the point where I get claustrophobic,” she said. “The music I play from the TV and the amount of spaciousness in the room helps me focus when I study.” 

Miramontes said she did not know the specific room number. However, The Mesquite found the following second-floor rooms students can use to study: 233B, 244 and 254 of the Science and Technology Building.  

Computer science senior Gerardo Alvidrez said his favorite quiet place is in the comfort of his home where he’s able to relax and distract himself from school.

“I don’t really have one since I commute here. I just come to classes and leave so I don’t really have a quiet place on campus,” he said as he looked up trying to come up with another answer.

Alvidrez said he enjoys hanging out in his room. 

“It helps me when I do study or need alone time. I play some music or play something in the background. it helps me stay focused, sometimes distracted but more often focused,” he said.

Psychology senior Annabel Duran said her favorite quiet spot on campus is the first floor of the library.

“I work there, and the first floor is always the quietest because no one is in there,” Duran explained as she was eating her lunch in the dining hall.

Duran described the different qualities the library has to offer, including a meditation and a prayer room on the third floor for students who need to pray or have time for themselves. 

“For me, since I work there, I like to go in there during my breaks and destress.”

History junior and resident assistant Julie Hernandez says the second floor of the new College of Business and Library Hall is her favorite quiet place to study.

“It’s a new building so there just is a newer vibe,” said Hernandez, noting that it gives her a chance to get out of her dorm. “There are not that many people that go there.”

“Everyone already has claimed a study spot. Some people like to study in the Madla Building or outside the bookstore, but not that many people have claimed the study rooms there.” 


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