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Hot trends for cold weather

Hot trends for cold weather - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Trey Delgado, business junior, walks toward the Central Academic Building from Classroom Hall on March 20, 2023. "I always try to wear matching colors," said Delgado. "I personally like to dress nice, but also comfortably." Photo by Tim Danger Ramos.

With winter coming to a close, cold days are becoming scarce. However, with Texas weather, one can never be sure. According to The Weather Channel temperatures dropped as low as 40 degrees during spring break in San Antonio. So in case another front hits Texas between now and the spring equinox, here are some tips to make the last cold days of the winter in style. 

Layering like a model

Layering will be crucial to help keep warm. Although multiple layers of clothing may look bulky, they can be polished and classy when done right. 

A good base layer is key when it comes to layering. It determines how much you can do to your outfit while maintaining your personal style. 

Your base layer should be snug enough, so when adding other layers it won’t be too thick. Trendy women’s bodysuits are a stylish choice for a base in a multilayered outfit.

Alternative base layers include thermal wear, any long-sleeve top or even a turtleneck for extra warmth. 

Mix and match 

For bottoms, you can wear leggings under any pants of your choosing for extra protection. If you are daring enough to wear a skirt, you can try long maxi skirts or the viral fleeced-lined leggings underneath whatever bottoms you choose. 

Pair an oversized sweater with a long-length skirt. Add some knee-high boots, a coat, and you have a polished streetwear outfit. 

The middle layer is what helps keep warmth in. This could be a sweater, hoodie or even a cardigan. A middle layer can be a nice accent that puts focus on your outfit.

To elevate a sporty outfit, put on a turtleneck, added with a hoodie, some cargo leggings and a long-length coat. Outfit inspiration comes straight from Gucci’s runway for this season highlighting novelty cardigans as the latest trend, although these are some high-end brands, you can find similar styles at H&M or Anthropologie for a more budget-friendly option. 

The outer layer’s purpose is to provide extra protection from the elements. This can be coats, jackets or blazers. To avoid bulkiness, your outer layer can be slightly oversized or have squared shoulders. If your sweater is a bit too oversized, you can opt for a puffer vest. 

With designers like Sandy Liang showcasing puffer jackets that are reimagined, they are certainly a statement piece to wear with any outfit. A puffer vest worn with a simple long sleeve paired with warm bottoms like baggy jeans and leggings for an outfit that remains classic and cozy. 

These basic layers establish a winter outfit you can enhance by accessorizing. A hat can create a sense of uniformity in an outfit, especially if it matches some of your outer layers. Necklaces enhance the neckline and add some dynamic. Long and wide scarves have made a statement on the runway by designers such as Fendi. 

Dress for the cold and yourself!

There are endless combinations when it comes to layering. You can add and remove as much as you want depending on your style. 

At the end of the day there are no strict rules when it comes to fashion; dressing warm doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

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Beatriz Pizarro
Beatriz Pizarro is a communications sophomore at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. She transferred from Houston Community College. In her spare time, she like sketching and hanging out with friends. Other times, she is studying, cooking or listening to music. She enjoys fashion and hopes to become a fashion journalist.

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