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“Like This” : University Facebook Offers a Campus Connection

By Samantha Supulveda

Students use the university’s facebook account to field and answer each other’s questions.

If you haven’t already joined the university facebook page, you should.  Becoming a fan of Texas A&M-University San Antonio’s Facebook is one of the best ways to stay connected with our university.

A few recent posts at the end of the term:

A plea for extra graduation tickets: “If anyone has any extra tickets for graduation please email me or write to me.”

An congratulatory note to upcoming graduates from Northwestern Mutual: “We would like to invite you to learn more about the Financial Representative career.”

Students, like those above, are using Facebook to network. They’re also using the free form of communication to inform each other, identify and solve problems.

It’s unknown how many students use the university-wide calendar on the A&M homepage, but we do know that at least one-third of students are checking the facebook page. On a commuter campus, the instantaneous ability to check in on happenings is making  a difference on a campus which up until a year ago relied on Xeroxed flyers stuck to walls to post events and information.

What can Facebook offer that a calendar cannot?

Compared to a calender, facebook has a lot more personality. It allows its users to stay connected with other people that share common interests, and reply to one another’s events and interests.

Since its launch in February 2004, Facebook has become one of the largest and most used social network services worldwide, serving  500 million users.

Communications specialist Jillian Reddish, was hired to take part in the creation of TAMUSA’s facebook page which went live March 15, 2010.

“The important thing to remember is that facebook is simply a tool. The university sees it as another means of communication with our students – one that hopefully they are already familiar with and using frequently.”

The main purpose of the TAMUSA’s Facebook page is to communicate between not only the students and faculty, but the community as well.

“Facebook also provides a sense of community and a place for students to share photos and information, both one-to-one and with a wider university audience. It’s very exciting to see our fan page grow,” Reddish said.

Today, TAMUSA’s facebook has over 1000 fans, the majority of which are A&M-San Antonio community members.

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