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Man tries escaping after UPD catches him sleeping near tower

An Austin man was arrested by University Police Dec. 11 for possession of methamphetamine and evading arrest.

According to a University Police Department report, David Rosa-Salazar, 27, was reported by another driver in a different vehicle to have been sleeping near the Tower of Hope at the end of University Way and 410 East Bound access road.

Graphic by Sergio Medina

Once a UPD officer arrived at the scene, Salazar attempted to climb over the barrier surrounding the tower.

The UPD officer asked him to jump down so he could speak with him.

According to the report, Salazar became angry and kept putting his hands in his pants pocket. 

The officer told Salazer to keep his hands where he could see them, and initially Salazar complied. 

Salazar told UPD he was only there to charge his phone.

Assistant Chief officer, Roger Stearns, confirms there are four power outlet boxes on the exterior of the barrier wall surrounding the tower.

According to police reports, the officer explained to Salazar he would have to be handcuffed so he could begin a search.

Once the officer pulled out his handcuffs, Salazar broke away and said he couldn’t go to jail.

The officer told him not to resist or he would be receiving additional charges.

According to the police report, Salazar reached into his pocket and said, “I only have this bag of meth, now leave me alone.”

A small baggie which appeared to be rock crystals was shown to the officer.

Once UPD told Salazar he needed his hands behind his back, Salazar placed the bag back in his pocket and walked away.

Salazar began running from the east end of the tower to the westbound access road of Loop 410.

The officer then chased him. 

According to the UPD officer, he feared Salazar would run into traffic so he grabbed his taser and warned Salazar to stop or he would get tased.

Salazar turned and yelled “tase me!” It is unknown if the officer used his taser. 

Salazar began to comply with officers, but refused to lie down with his hands behind his back.

Once another officer arrived at the scene, UPD handcuffed Salazar.

UPD also found the bag Salazar claimed to contain methamphetamine. 

Salazar was booked into the Bexar County Jail.

If convicted with a Class A misdemeanor, Salazar faces a maximum of one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000 for the evading arrest charge.

If convicted with a State Jail felony, Salazar faces a maximum of two years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000 for possession of a controlled substance (less than a gram).

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