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Q&A: Prop 14

Proposition 14

“The constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the centennial parks conservation fund to be used for the creation and improvement of state parks.”

If voters approved Proposition 14, the state would use as much as $1 billion from a budget surplus and other sources to purchase land for designing and enhancing state parks.



Luke Metzger

Executive Director

Environment Texas

Q: Why should the average Texan care about this proposition?

A: Texans love our state parks. They are incredibly important for recreation. You know, about 10 million Texans visit our state parks every year to go camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, etc. And unfortunately our existing state parks can’t keep up with the demand. Too many people have the experience of having to book campsites many months in advance in hopes of being able to camp at one of more popular parks or might visit a state park and reach it only to find its capacity and be turned away. I’ve heard multiple stories about that — for example, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, and those problems are only going to get worse as our population grows, and so it is really critical to increase the supply of state parks to keep up with the demand. As our population is growing, we are rapidly developing open spaces and beautiful natural areas in Texas. Right now we lose about 20 football fields of farms, forest and ranches every hour in the state to develop, which means we are losing so much of the iconic rural countryside for which Texas is well known for. 

Q: Why does your organization support it?

A: As of now Texas is ranked as the 35th state in the nation for state parks per capita, and we have 58 percent fewer acres per capita compared to Florida. We are losing habitat for wildlife including endangered species like the horned lizard, golden cheeked warbler, or the ocelot. The proposition will also invest one billion dollars for new state parks to buy land and preserve and open parks for Texans to enjoy. 

It will be very critical to buy land to create new state parks, to meet the demand for recreation but also to preserve habitat for wildlife and beautiful natural areas before they are lost forever. The organization will also support the protection of waterways and water sources. So that it will be safe for Texans to use water for swimming and fishing. 

Q: Are there any events or anything that your department is conducting to help raise awareness for this issue prior to the vote or?

A: We teamed up with country singer Kacey Musgraves to narrate a video about state parks and prop 14 that we’re sharing on social media and putting some paid ads behind. 

– This Q&A was edited and condensed. Interview conducted by Noah Yepez, Riana Tovar and Glenn Whitfield.



Andrew McVeigh

Executive Director 

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility 

Q: Why should the average Texas care about this proposition?

A:  So similar to most of the others we talked about, this is going to spend a billion dollars of taxpayer money on state parks and we totally understand the desire to conserve our natural resources, conserve our natural spaces, have parks, have access to parks for Texans across the state, but we think there’s other ways to go about that without spending a billion dollars of your money. People can donate land or resources to Texas parks and wildlife. Texas parks and wildlife could raise funds, whatever the cause is for or whatever the case may be. 

Q: Why does your organization oppose it?

A:  With our economy, the way things are going, we just can’t support and so we do oppose this. We think that money would be better spent on property tax relief or other tax relief and so that’s why we oppose it and we urge Texans to vote “No.”

– This Q&A was edited and condensed. Interview conducted by Marley Walker.

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