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Organized, Yet Subconsciously Lazy

By: Amanda Aguilar

What does my fridge say about me? Let’s take a peek and find out. At first glance, it’s fairly clean and organized which for the most part it is. Look closer and you’ll see past the façade of its proper impression and discover all its imperfections.

Milk, eggs, butter, yogurt, vegetables and fruit keeps things fairly healthy, but some fatty friends are there too, like Big Red, Cran-Pomegranate juice, tortillas and left-over ziti pasta with tomato sauce sealed tight in Tupperware ready to be warmed with cheese sprinkled on top, mmm.

Here’s the catch. See those yogurt containers? They’re knocked over. Those green grapes on the top shelf should be in the bottom right drawer with the other fruits. Notice the bottle of juice is nearly empty? And the lunch meat isn’t in the drawer right below it with the others. Things aren’t always where they belong because I was too lazy to put them back.

Even so, it’s not a horrible thing to be unorganized, that’s what the door is for. It hides our tiny secrets we love to indulge in. My fridge represents me perfectly. I’m clean and organized on the outside, but contain delicious secrets only to be discovered by few lucky souls.

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