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Playlist: Six songs to honor National Moon Day

Playlist: Six songs to honor National Moon Day - The Mesquite Online News - Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Triptych of the Moon. This composite image was made from NASA Cassini which captured a significant portion of the Moon during a Moon flyby imaging sequence .All three images have been scaled so that the brightness of Crisium basin, the dark circular region in the upper right. Sept. 10, 1999. Photo Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Cassini Imaging Team/University of Arizona

In honor of National Moon Day on June 20, here is a playlist inspired by the moon, the stars and the sky to help you commemorate the day.

“Moon and the Sky”- Sade

Sade’s irreplicable vocals complemented by a crisp electric guitar make this track feel supernatural. It’s a stellar example of the iconic musician and her talent. 

“Stargazing”- The Neighbourhood

“Stargazing” is the quintessential track for nights when the moon is full and the sky is riddled with stars. Listening to it, you can’t help but feel like the main character of a coming-of-age film. 

“Moonlight”- Ariana Grande

Sonically, lyrically and vocally, “Moonlight” is a masterpiece. It’s an alluring and quaint ballad that will have you retrospective about love you have or encountered. 

“Moon River”- Frank Ocean

Ocean put his signature touch on the cover of this 1961 track. His moving vocals will leave you dewy-eyed and wistful long into the night. 

“Neon Moon”- Cigarettes After Sex

Without a hint of country twang, Cigarettes After Sex put a poignant and modern twist on the classic song. It’s rare that a cover of the track is better than the original, but I would argue that the El Paso native band outdid Brooks & Dunn. 


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