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Q&A: Prop 8

Proposition 8

“The constitutional amendment creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high-speed broadband access and assist in the financing of connectivity projects.” 

If voters approve this proposition, the state constitution would be amended to create the broadband infrastructure fund to finance broadband and telecommunications projects.



Why should the average Texan care about Proposition 8?

According to Ballotpedia, Proposition 8 would be “a historic investment in connectivity infrastructure to meet the technological demands of the future. [The proposition] reaffirms [the Texas Infrastructure Coalition’s] belief that all Texans deserve access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet.” The fund is intended to enhance the availability and usage of broadband and telecommunication services, allowing for greater access to telecommunication services like providing high speed internet, receiving and sending high-quality audio and video calls, digital graphics, and other electronic communications. The broadband fund would provide Texans with a better overall quality of telecommunication services, positively affecting how Texans communicate.

Why does this organization support this proposition?

The Texas Conference of Urban Counties is in support of this proposition because it supports and coordinates communications among 34 member counties that make up 79 percent of the Texas population. The Texas CUC studies policies and programs throughout the state and advocates for county issues. According to the CUC website, “All services and activities are pursued for the benefit of the people of Texas.” According to The Texas Tribune, the Texas CUC, along with State Rep. Trent Ashby (R-9), has recognized that having a broadband infrastructure fund is an investment in connectivity infrastructure that meets the growing demand of technology. They believe that all Texans deserve to have access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet.

– Information compiled by Au’Janai “Jai” Phillips.



Andrew McVeigh

Executive Director 

Texans For Fiscal Responsibility 

Q: Why should the average Texan care about this proposition and why does your organization oppose it?

A: This is another type of corporate welfare. The legislative budget board estimates that about $1.5 billion is going to be spent on this next year in 2024, and what they’re doing is they’re going to give this money to these big broadband companies in order to expand broadband access across the state — which sounds good in principle, but again you’re talking about using taxpayer money, $1.5 billion dollars worth, to give it to big multinational corporations like Google and AT&T to do the thing they should be doing, which is expanding broadband access, so we don’t think this is the proper use or proper the role of government. It’s not the proper use of taxpayer dollars, of your taxpayer dollars. We think this should be left up to the free market. I mean Elon Musk is kind of already solving this problem with his Starlink system, and I don’t know all the details behind it, but it’s gonna be much more efficient, most likely, than the traditional broadband and so things like that are we think are the way forward we think the free market can solve this problem of Texans who don’t have access to high speed internet and so we urge Texans to vote no on this one. It’s gonna spend a lot of taxpayer money that could be used for other things.

This Q&A was edited and condensed. Interview conducted by Alexandra Valdez.

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