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Almost Homemade | Romaine Salad with Chicken Bites

From the Blog “Almost Homemade”
By Hilda Valdez

Welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed your chicken sandwich with sautéed mushrooms and onions.  Yummy, right? I have another recipe where I will be using the frozen chicken patties.  Today’s recipe is for a quick and effortless salad.

Before any food preparation is begun, you should select a salad bowl or plate or the decorative backdrop for our food creation.  In my opinion, this is the first and most important “ingredient”.   I chose a festive red plate.  I love the vibrant color and it will make the perfect background for the crisp green foliage of our greens.

Tonight’s Challenge
After you have selected your serving dish, you may begin the food preparation.


2 Frozen chicken patties
1 Bag of Romaine lettuce
2 tblsp salad dressing
Optional:  croutons, tomato, mushrooms, fruit or any other topping that you would like to add.  This will make it your own almost homemade meal.

The chicken patties will be prepared according to the package instructions.  I prefer to heat the patties in the oven, so that the outer coating of the patty becomes crunchy. The combination of crisp chicken and firm lettuce leaves will make a perfect melody of crunch in your mouth.

After the chicken has been well cooked, carefully chop the patty into bite size pieces.  I used one patty per plate, but you can use your own discretion here.  You may decide that one patty is not enough and that’s perfectly fine.  This is your almost homemade creation.

Now that the chicken is ready, you will need a fresh bag of romaine lettuce.  I chose a bag of romaine that had a mixture of shredded carrots and red cabbage.  Artfully place the lettuce on your serving dish and top with the chicken morsels.

*Consumer Note* When shopping for a bag of salad, make sure and check the expiration date and also look at the condition of the lettuce.  You don’t want to bring home a bag of wilted lettuce.

The final ingredient will be the salad dressing.  I am using a light Italian dressing, but again this is your creation, so use your favorite topping.

Express Salad. Photo by Hilda Valdez

The salad is complete.  Time to enjoy your beautiful and savory salad.

Quick, inexpensive and the perfect study partner.


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