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Snacks: It’s What’s for Dinner

My mini-refrigerator and cupboard combination. Photo by Anaiah Liserio.

By Anaiah V. Liserio



From the half eaten bag of Tostitos chips, to the almost expired fruit cup, my food is humbly kept.

I store my food in a little wooden cupboard and a mini refrigerator. Since I refuse to eat Ramen noodles and Hot Pockets every day, I try to keep things somewhat healthy.

Almost all the time you will find one bottle of coke, two percent milk, Hill Country Fair grape jelly, Whataburger ketchup packets and a single fruit cup –  all of which I’ll admit do not create a complete meal.

In the heart of the mini fridge, you will find grape jelly’s partner in crime, Peter Pan’s peanut butter. Both are guilty of adding unwanted calories to my diet.

Underneath is a package of tuna, which frankly I have no recollection of purchasing, but since it hasn’t expired it might be dinner.

The remaining contents are turkey slices, carrots, ranch dip, rice pudding, mustard, trail mix and bottled water. These foods will never be touched by anyone else because apparently they’re boring and still leave you hungry.

Since I do have a small refrigerator, my dinner is usually dry and cold, or re-heated. Most of the time, it won’t win a spot on the nutrition pyramid.

My cupboard, however, is the true beholder of my clogging heart; I store extra buttery popcorn, salty tortilla chips, blueberry corn flakes, and grainy wheat bread. I’d like to think one off sets the other.

I love my snacks; boring, clogging or expired as they may be and no matter how hard it is to store Tupperware, or how warm my “freezer” keeps my ice cream, I adore you mini-fridge.

Little miss cupboard, it is you that keeps my carbs crispy and fresh. I promise to keep you forever.

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